Popular Roulette Betting Patterns

First things first, there is no known betting strategy that is capable of beating the house edge when it comes to roulette. This of course doesn't mean that you can't win. How a player wins or loses is usually a matter of chance and not by any particular system.

Despite knowing all this there are certain routines in how people place their bets. For example a gambler will become superstitious and will carry things like lucky charms. They believe from the bottom of their gut that those lucky charms are what improve their chances of winning and will not do any gambling without them. It is virtually the same in roulette.

There are gamblers out there who believe that there are sequences of numbers that are called a lot compared to the rest. They blame this on wheel mechanism deformities. These kinds of bets are more popularly known as called bets.

European Roulette has 3 called bets namely the neighbor of Zero (the seventeen numbers between twenty two and twenty five), third of cylinder (the twelve number between twenty seven and thirty three), Orphans (the remaining eight numbers).

The American Roulette has a bet named Five Number Bet. It covers the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Even though this bet seems to favor the house edge it is still becoming popular. The advice that comes from using the bet is that it should be used sparingly and when you feel really lucky.

There is another popular betting pattern known as 1st and 3rd column bet. It purportedly increases the chances of you winning more often because all but 5 numbers are highlighted.

As stated earlier these are just superstitions built from experienced years of gambling. There is no real logic behind it and it is not a guarantee of success. If these betting patterns were true then everyone would be winning.

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