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InNexus Biotechnology, Inc. is a publicly held British Columbia Corporation (IXS) formed in 2001 and publicly traded since 2003. InNexus is an innovative antibody-driven drug development company that has developed two technology platforms, SuperAntibody™ and TransMAbs™, which improve the potency of existing antibody products and create a novel class of antibody-based drugs which penetrate into cells.

Antibodies and Monoclonal Antibodies
Antibodies are produced naturally within the body and attack (bind with) diseased cells and either weaken or destroy them, allowing a person to recover from an infection. Monoclonal Antibody technology allows one to isolate and expand individual antibodies for the treatment of numerous diseases, including Cancer. Monoclonal Antibodies display qualities unlike any other drug yet discovered in that they are very specific (good at targeting ) and relatively non-toxic; however, of the thousands of monoclonal antibodies developed to date, only a relative few have been approved by the FDA as drugs. Most have failed to become approved drugs because of a lack of potency.

InNexus Technology Platforms
SuperAntibody™ and TransMAb™ technology are drug modification approaches that add secondary properties to monoclonal antibodies (binding is a primary property) and applies to virtually every antibody product currently in development. Adding these secondary properties can increase the potency of antibodies or add new properties such as the ability to penetrate into living cells.

As an example, InNexus utilized SAT with a humanized monoclonal antibody, licensed by the FDA for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s, B-Cell lymphoma. SAT greatly enhanced the killing of cancer cells in culture by this antibody, dramatically increasing its potential potency.

The Market
The major asset of monoclonal antibody technology over other drug development approaches is superior specificity and lower toxicity. This asset can be combined with InNexus’ technologies to produce better performing antibody products with a higher likelihood of achieving FDA approval. InNexus’ SuperAntibody™ and TransMAb™ technology platforms have strong appeal to developers of monoclonal antibody products as they can:

• Convert existing non-product grade antibodies into ones with product potential by increasing potency
• Increase potency and thus profitability of antibody products that are FDA approved
• Extend the patent life and thus profitability of antibody products that are FDA approved
• Create new uses and new markets for antibody products that did not previously exist.

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