What is a Humanized Monoclonal Antibody for Cancer Research?

This mab is a combining a human antibody with a small part of a mouse or rcamel binder monoclonal. The mouse or camel attaches to the epitope, and the human part makes more friendly to the human immune system.

Camel monoclonal antibodies are developed at the VUB, Brussels by phage display of Alpaca Lymphocytes in E. coli cells.

Camel antibodies can also be used for X-ray diffraction protein crystallographic structure characterization

Today 7th of November 2019 the crystal structure of Insulin is still unknown. Roche spent over 50 million USD to try to identify the Crystal structure of Insulin but their research still did not reveil the unstable proteins structure.

With the Use of camel monoclonal antibodies we hope to be able to stabilize the structure and crystallize it long enough to get the X-ray spectroscopy measurement.